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DP Pura Vida! 


My passion for cinematography started in my small hometown of San Jose in Costa Rica, all the way across Latin America, to here in California. And I hope one day this passion will lead me to the Oscars!


I grew up among threads and fabrics, due to my being around my mother’s fashion design business. For years, I watched my mom as she lived out her dreams and used her artistic skills to impact the people and world around her. It was by observing this effect that I became inspired to become an artist as well.


My love for the arts began with modeling for Whilemina Models Panama. As a young model, I fell in love with the ability to evoke an emotion with even the slightest gesture. As my capacity to model grew so did my eye for photography. My first big break was when Whilemina Models Panama chose me to work as their head photographer; as time progressed, I began to see my work published in magazines, editorials, and campaigns all throughout Latin America. What I enjoyed most about being a photographer was that I could create an entire story in a single image



I enrolled in SAE Institute, Mexico City to hone my craft. I learned as much as I could about being a cinematographer and worked endlessly to learn as much as I could about the art form. Since then I have had my hands in the production of numerous films and have continued to grow as a Director of Photography. I keep my passion and continue to work with dedicated professionals who love the art as much as I do, and I still believe in the power that a film can contain; the power to inspire, to change, and to impact not only those around me but the world itself.


Scary Cow Film Festival 2017


Best short film "Soap § Shadows" 2017
Castro Teatre, San Francisco



Best short film "Le marines" 2012
Casco Antiguo, Panama 



A revision of the "Discobolus" of  Miron
Bilbao Spain 2011


Scary Cow

Film Festival



Fest Panama



Bilbao Spain


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